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jewtube Atheists

They let me in without a background check. Don't they know that I'm really a Fundy who is working undercover?Over 250 members and counting. Check out the videos. Even Hellbound Alleee has joined up.Oh, and you God damn Atheists who are not members yet, join Deep Thought's Atheist Blogroll. Just email Mojoey and he will add you.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007


The Atheist Jew's picture


by: baconeatingatheistjew (44/M/The Great White North)

10/03/05 07:35 pmMsg: 2116555 of 2116563

Waterman was born in Pittsburgh. His mother was a heroin addict trailer trash chick who did any guy who could supply her H. She was shooting up during the entire pregnancy, even on the day she gave birth (this explains Waterman's bipolarity). She placed her fatherless newborn in a dumpster. Waterman was saved and put up for adoption.
A Jewish couple. A woman who survived Auschwitz and her Russian husband adopted waterman. They moved to California.
Waterman always resented his Jewish home. His parents shouldn't have told him he was adopted.
He began to take up non Jewish sports like surfing. It was then he met a blond haired surfing superstar named Joey Buran, who also hailed from Ohio. 4 years his junior, Waterman idolized Joey and became his friend. They would talk about Ohio and surfing endlessly into the night. Waterman was 16 and Joey was 12. He saw how easy Joey picked up girls, he wanted to be Joey so bad. They drifted apart. Joey would go out with girls and Waterman would stay at home on the weekends. Joey got married young and Waterman was hurt not to be invited to the wedding.
Joey became a Christian minister. Waterman was confused. He tried to take his life in college and wound up on a helium machine. It was then when his life was miraculously saved in the Catholic hospital in Washington that he found Jesus.
He went back to California and had a reason to call Joey. Joey baptised Waterman as a Christian.
Now Waterman is a bipolar Messianic Jew.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


If you want BS or Political Correctness you have come to the wrong place. If you want total hypocritical bullshit, go to


How can you be an Atheist Jew? You can't. Contradiction of terms.

An Atheist is one who disbelieves or denies the existence of God, Gods, and other supernatural beings.

A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism. This leaves pusgut out since his Dad was an Arab and his Mother is a Lebanese by way of Lithuania. Besides, he has renounced all of this with his "atheism" and marriage outside the species juda.


He comes off as the big jew anti defamation police but he neglects to inform that he is the son of a blacker than the ace of spades Arab dad and a Lebanese mom. Intermarriage and assimilation is his game. He is just another non working slob with too much time on his hands.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


His phobias keep him housebound 24/7.

He squats in front of the tv and computer all day looking for drek to post in his mother of all shitty blogs.

His goy wife must work to pay the bills and to cover his gambling debts.

His best friend is the postman who brings his back disability payment cheques.

He admits to not having a driver's licence.

Friday, February 9, 2007


This is what happens when you sit around all day in the house in front of the tv and computer and not working. You make videos and take pictures of yourself to put on your mother of all shitty blogs. He doesn't drive and his goy wife has to work to pay the bills.



by: bacon_the_sage (45/M/Ontario) 03/13/06 05:23 pmMsg: 2448125 of 2448156 2 recommendations Some POS Arab got my baconeating_atheistjew ID pulled.
Whatever happened to free fucking speech??????

>Pusgut's dad was not really a jew but a blacker than the ace of spades kaffir Arab.
Pusgut turned out surprisingly light-complected given that his dad looked like walking pitch.
pusgut celebrates purimby: pusgut_son_of_an_arab (58/Pizza Hut) 03/13/06 05:49 pmMsg: 2448163 of 2448164 2 recommendations by dressing up as the goodyear blimp and eating discarded pepperoni pizza from the dumpster outside the thunder bay dominos.
Re: WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/24/06 12:23 pmMsg: 2474954 of 2474955 Asked about Pusgut, the localConservative rabbi, Saul Shmuelson, replied: "Our shul has tried repeatedly to welcome Pusgut intothe observant community. The only time we have seen him here was last Purim, when Pusgut camedressed as Colonel Sanders and tried to trick-or-treat at the shul...uh...I suspect that Pusgutis ashamed of his father, who I understand was a boyhood friend of Saddam Hussein's before emigrating to Canada in the 1940s."
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WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/17/06 11:45 amMsg: 2459799 of 2459803 Re: ? Israel is a pain in the assby: j_d_mac_vieau (F/Grace Brothers Department St) 03/11/06 07:37 pmMsg: 6183 of 6664
I just looked at the message board and baconeating_atheistjew is there. He's the biggest jerk-off I have ever met.
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Warning to Oinkby: beaj666 (45/M/Ontario) 03/17/06 04:06 pmMsg: 2460491 of 2460517 4 recommendations Knock it off with the cut and pastes on my blog, or your IP gets broadcasted.
Subj: OINK YOU LITTLE RETARDED PAKI MUSLIMBy: beaj666Date: 09/eon pm
Watch your back from now on.
Re: Sammy takes a lickingby: rev_deacon (59/M/S. ohio) 09/14/06 03:37 pmMsg: 2873144 of 2873172 1 recommendation Bacon's blog shows oinks IP address as Minneapolis, Minn.
Posted as a reply to: Msg 2873139 by lady_ness51
Recommend this Post Ignore this User Email this Posting Report Abuse Re: Oinkby: tax_dik 03/19/06 01:07 pmMsg: 2463770 of 2465252 2 recommendations Unlike you, I work for a living and don't have to plagiarize or steal from others like you.
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pusgut is a jew when it's convenientby: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 08/12/06 09:05 amMsg: 2868495 of 2868495 otherwise he uses the guise of atheism to be able to pick and choose a la carte judaism and post on the sabbath. He turned his back on his race, religion and family to commit the unpardonable sin of intermarriage and assimilation. He couldn't find a nice jewish girl so he found a chain smoking goy bleach bottle blonde bimbo that hooked up with him. At least they have no kids.


True Messiah

From: Ontario, Canada
Registered: 2005-08-11
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Re: Posts that don't deserve threads.
I found the nazi cuntbag Clare. She is making a go at Rational Responders. I will destroy her there like I did here: … r/4475#new
"You almost never get the pleasure of seeing that you won the argument in real time. People just don't like to publicly change their minds. They change their minds in private."-Sam Harris (RA Message Board)

Monday, February 5, 2007


"I'm one of those optimistic skeptics, but I really like what I've read about the potential cure written about at Bare (sic) in mind, I am not a biologist, or any type of scientist or doctor for that matter, but thanks to my laymans understanding about evolution, this stuff really looks exciting:"

I guess his mind is as "bare" as the top of his head. LOL


Saturday, February 3, 2007


If you want BS or Political Correctness you have come to the wrong place.
FAQ How can you be an Atheist Jew?An Atheist is one who disbelieves or denies the existence of God, Gods, and other supernatural beings. A Jew is any person whose mother was a Jew or any person who has gone through the formal process of conversion to Judaism.**

Since judaism is religion based, fatso's comments are like so much smoke out of his ass. Now he has decided to moderate comments to suit his pinhead "readers", on topic or not. He is a jew hypocrite weasel and fraud.

Friday, February 2, 2007


He pontificates about religious and moral issues but he is not the least bit worldly. He is someone that rarely leaves the house, admits to not driving and has to depend on his goy wife to be the breadwinner to suppliment his phoney back disability payments. His most recent issue is if kosher meat processing is "humane" or not. He is one strange duck and more than a tad fubar.

Thursday, February 1, 2007


This is the boy wonder's response to my inquiry to him:

[[Rickey said...
Since judaism by definition is bound by religious principles, your atheism thing is nothing more than a sham, like your life. You make up your own definition that doesn't fly.
01 February, 2007 11:08]]

BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Rickey, Hitler didn't ask Jews if they believed in God, to what extent, and even if they were religious. So to Hitler and even to Jews and most of the world, a Jew is a Jew by religion and/or Atheist. You are the hypocrite, because I know for a fact that you go by ethnicity too.

Mark Cote said...
Aw, it looks like rickey didn't like people posting shit on his blog so he turned off comments entirely. Boooo-Hooo.
01 February, 2007 14:00

Mark Kotex needs a life and a pad change.