Saturday, March 31, 2007


BEAJ said...
I moderate my board only because of you. You are mentally insane. You have a blog dedicated to me, and if I gave free reign, you would cut and paste to your hearts content.You know what, I've finally had it with you.Rickey, you are banned from now on.Go whine all you want. I have no idea why I let you post here for so long. You are a complete retard.
31 March, 2007 14:11 "

Poor fucktard BEAJ - can't stand the heat and put downs in front of his like minded circle of retarded hooknose bastard friends. Wahhhhhhhhhhhh.


BEAJ said...
Wow, another Jooo paranoid assmonkey has a conspiracy blog.I like the stat that illegal immigrants have murdered more Americans in the US than there have been soldiers dying in Iraq fighting the cancer of Islam in the same period.Oh, and the background sound crap is totally annoying on your idiot blog.Boo, there is an Israeli under you bed. LMAOAY
31 March 2007 14:10
The Sentinel said...
I suppose this is the sort of inane crap I have become used to from idiots like this without any real conviction or intelligence. Despite the wealth of information contained within this blog- all referenced credible sources- the best this (self-professed) "atheist" Jew can come up with is a couple of low level insults.That he cannot even work out that it is not background noise playing but a video at the bottom of the blog- despite being informed at the top right of the blog and the very bottom of each article- is completely unsurprising and sums up the ineptitude and idiocy of this member of the "chosen race."The amusing part is that he calls me paranoid but seeks me out to insult me; and, typically, whilst this Jew uses the freedom provided on this blog to do so, he will not allow the same freedom on his own.Besides, if you watch just the Fox News video you will see that it is not paranoia at all, and never has been.
31 March 2007 14:37
BEAJ said...
Yes, I've seen mentally ill people's web sites all over the internet.Those who claim the earth is young with well document sources.Those who say evolution is crap with all sorts of documented sources.And Jooo paranoid imbeciles like you with their retarded fantasies.LMAOAY retard.
31 March 2007 15:43
The Sentinel said...
As I have said, you have nothing to say beyond insults.(The mental illness scam is a Jewish favourite.)What else could you say given the evidence?And as I have said, you like to use the freedom I provide on my blog to insult me whilst hiding behind censorship on yours to avoid any expressions of disagreement.That sums you and your ilk up- hypocritical, fear mongering totalitarians afraid of any dissent and completely unprepared to allow it.Have you figured out how to pause the video (not background noise) at the bottom of the blog yet?
31 March 2007 16:53


"March 30, 2007

Mammals Didn't Branch Out As Soon As Dinosaurs Perished: So What?
Yeah, I know this sounds like a victory for creationists because if science is wrong about one thing, then all science is wrong. Just like the bible would be wrong if Pi wasn't 3.It now looks like mammals branched out a little 65 million years ago, but waited another 10-15 million years to really diversify.Science assumed that mammals evolved as soon as dinosaurs perished. This was based on the facts that mammals did branch out after the dinosaurs perished, and dinosaurs weren't around to stop the mammals from evolving. However, evolution usually only happens when it is needed to happen, so that species can increase their chance of survival."

Straight from Pusgut's compendium of plagiarised feces.

He needs a job, driver's licence and to leave the house once in awhile. He is a fat, pathetic, slovenly nutjob.

Monday, March 26, 2007


That's because he looks like a combination of the two characters; bald, fat, jew glasses, and ugly.

Friday, March 23, 2007


Pusgut says he has "writer's block". That's funny, because he is incapable of original thought and only deals in plagiarism of other sources. A writer he isn't. Same old areligious garbage and racism with the Canadian dirigible. He Dad was darker than walking pitch.

Monday, March 19, 2007



Pusgut the non working slug with no writing talent except for plagiarism, incapable of original thought. Married a goy bleach bottle blonde bimbo that must work to pay the bills and cover baldy's gambling debts.

REMF ret major turd Mikey Combs is ugly and has no friends. He married some fossil older than his mom. He is despised from Jenner to Pt. Arena. His fav hangout is the Rainbow Cattle Company in Guerneville aka Boy's Town.

Friday, March 16, 2007


Anonymous said...
You are promoting sodomy so much, you must have a personal interest.
16 March, 2007 12:41
BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Promoting sodomy? I'm promoting equal rights. I'm promoting science.If you can't handle the truth, jump off the planet.
16 March, 2007 13:00
AngloAmerican said...
I am a champion of the gay cause, even though I have no close friends who are gay (that I know of), and I don't have one gay bone in my body. This is an interesting way to start this post Bacon. That’s a pretty grand word ‘champion’ and then the admission that you don’t associate with gay people and a quick and really quite unnecessary defence of your manliness by claiming you are 100% hetero (although the word bone gave me a Freudian speed wobble). It’s as if you fear being labelled gay and go to some pains to clearly state that you are not, as if, if, there may be something possibly shameful about it. Yet clearly it is not shameful because , like, uhh sheep do it all the time…. Otherwise why mention your own sexual orientation or mention it so categorically? I’ve been mulling over a theory that if one doesn’t actually participate in a certain activity one doesn’t really respect it. For an example I believe the Islamics think this way and in a theoretical way I agree with them. You can say you respect a religion but then if you do not practice its tenets is that really respect? No it is not, it is merely tolerance. Islamics regard mere tolerance as about as bad as outright hostility. A lot of people claim they respect things when all they mean is that they don’t show any public hostility toward it. Private thoughts may be another matter. Even private thoughts that are ambivalent toward something are not the same as respect. Just a thought.If you are anything like me the mere thought of caressing a hairy, muscle bound body sends a shudder down your spine which is just another way of saying I “don’t have one gay bone in my body”. With this understanding of my own feelings I would hesitate to think of myself as a worthy of the label “champion of the gay cause”.I dunno, what do others think?
16 March, 2007 13:13
Gert said...
All:It may sound counterintuitive but there may well be a genetic component to homosexuality. Sexual orientation is a complex human trait, likely to be affected by multiple genes, rather than just one 'switch'. That can lead to some unexpected, thoroughly 'unmendelian' genetic interactions. Gays make up 5 - 10% of the population and that would fit well with a complex rule of genetic inheritance. In such a scenario it is perfectly possible (but not very likely) for a straight couple to have gay offspring. Some genetic traits have a tendency to jump 2, 4 sometimes 8 generations.Also, being gay doesn't necessarily mean not having the desire to have offspring: many gay men and women do have children, in various arrangements.But I agree with Beep x2: whether or not it's 'natural' is rather beside the point. Those who claim it's 'unnatural' or 'immoral' usually fashion their definitions to fit their dislikes: religiously inspired homophobia is a typical example. Religious homophobes hide behind their Imaginary Friend to justify what they feel is distasteful, even 'filthy', hence also the many connotations with paedophilia. They forget however that there are also straight abusers of children and that some abusers don't seem to make the distinction between the sexes at all: any victim will suit them.What two consenting adults do with their sex life falls outside the realm of morality: how can something be immoral when no-one gets hurt or harmed?Lastly, it is true that homosexuality is rife in the animal kingdom, to me that's clear evidence that homosexuality can almost never be 'instilled' in a person, with exception perhaps of the most horrible cases of abuse.
16 March, 2007 13:21
Rickey said...
Yeah, your'e a regular MLK
16 March, 2007 14:34
BaconEating AtheistJew said...
AA, I just wanted to give my readers the perspective from where I am coming from. The beginning statement isn't a Beatles song where you play it backwards to find other meanings.And I don't avoid gay people to associate with, maybe they avoid me:)
16 March, 2007 14:56

Thursday, March 15, 2007


All the hypocrite has to do now is deal with his racism.

"I could never be a member of the ACLU because I believe in racial profiling and I think governments should have extra priviledge when it comes to tapping phones of terrorist suspects and things like that. But I can't support the Stop The ACLU crowd either, because they are for the most part, a bunch of Godidiots who wouldn't know separation of church and state if it bit them in the ass. They are almost as theocratic in belief as the rulers of Saudi Arabia, but they are too stupid to realize it.Today's bashing of gay bashers started here at Developing Your Web Presence, where Amy Proctor called my handle "sickening." I decided to pay her blog, Bottom Line Up Front a visit, where I proceded to make minced meat out of her Godidiot homophobic followers. That took me to the Stop the ACLU Fundretard site. Oh, looks like my last comment got deleted. Luckily cocomment saved it for me. Praise cocomment:Lobo, sure Wikipedia is criticized, but if you check out the links from their page, you will see they link to actual scientific studies. And I said that modern science tends to believe that most homosexuals are created during fetal development. Your cut and paste is juvenile at best.Homosexuality is not immoral, because most homosexuals are born that way, and they aren't hurting anyone with their actions, if protection and proper precautions are taken. And it is between 2 (or more in some cases) willing people."

It makes you wonder if he surfs gay porn sites while his goy bimbo wife works to pay the bills.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Gert said...
Your video isn't worth rebutting: it's muddled, partisan, inaccurate, uses very poor analogies and simply mirrors some arguments used by some extremist Palestinians.As long as there exists a majority on both sides of the fence that thinks your way, no resolution of the conflict can ever be in sight and both will continue to play the victim card. In the long term this is as damaging to Israel as it is to the Palestinian people.You haven't made a single point that merits attention: it's same old, same old... tit-for-tat-for-tit-for-tat-for-tit-for-tat...But then I wouldn't expect much more from a Canadian who believes the US is the supercop of the world...
13 March, 2007 13:20
BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Gert, your criticism of my video isn't worth rebutting. There was not one substantial point made by you.
13 March, 2007 14:11

The fat turd doesn't take criticism of his crappy blog very well. He thinks his racism is cute. He just demonstrates what hateful people the beanie wearing pinheads are. His dad was a Kaffir Arab. His mom is Lebanese.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


His cheesy videos keep getting crappier and crappier. And his beanie wearing pack of lap dog cronies eat them up. Wouldn't it be great if he spent this effort looking for a job and getting a driver's licence? He can't do that because he collects social welfare and phoney back disability cheques. He prefers his assimilated wife to work to pay the bills and cover his gambling debts.

Thursday, March 1, 2007


His videos are totally cheesy. He is like some kid with a new toy. There was a saying in the 60's that relate to his cornball productions: "The quality of stupidity is rising"

He needs to get a job instead of sponging off the system and his goy bimbo wife that works to pay the bills and his gambling debts.

His furniture looks like recycled stuff from the auto salvage yard.