Wednesday, January 31, 2007


The jew lobby's intimidation remains pervasive. It seems to reach every government center and even houses of worship and revered institutions of higher learning. It is highly effective in silencing the many U.S. Jews who object to the lobby's tactics and Israel's brutality. Nothing can justify 9/11. Those guilty deserve maximum punishment, but it makes sense for America to examine motivations promptly and as carefully as possible. Terrorism almost always arises from deeply-felt grievances. If they can be eradicated or eased, terrorist passions are certain to subside. President Bush has made no attempt to redress grievances, or even to identify them. In fact, he has made the scene far worse by supporting Israel's religious war against Palestinians, an alliance that has intensified anti-American anger. He seems oblivious to the fact that nearly two billion people worldwide regard the plight of Palestinians as today's most important foreign-policy challenge. No one in authority will admit a calamitous reality that is skillfully shielded from the American people but clearly recognized by most of the world: America suffered 9/11 and its aftermath and may soon be at war with Iraq, mainly because U.S. policy in the Middle East is made in Israel, not in Washington. Israel is a scofflaw nation and should be treated as such. Instead of helping Sharon intensify Palestinian misery, our president should suspend all aid until Israel ends its occupation of Arab land Israel seized in 1967. The suspension would force Sharon's compliance or lead to his removal from office, as the Israeli electorate will not tolerate a prime minister who is at odds with the White House. If Bush needs an additional reason for doing the right thing, he can justify the suspension as a matter of military necessity, an essential step in winning international support for his war on terrorism. He can cite a worthy precedent. When President Abraham Lincoln issued the proclamation that freed only the slaves in states that were then in rebellion, he make the restriction because of "military necessity." If Bush suspends U.S. aid, he will liberate all Americans from long years of bondage to Israel's misdeeds.


BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Ok, I let Rickey have his last shot since I got sucked in thinking that he would really post a photo of himself and not realizing that the photo was in fact Tom Cruise.But I'm laying down NEW RULES Oink. Only on topic comments will be permitted from you from now on, and you can't insult any of the posters can insult anyone in the body of the post though as long as you back it up with something substantial.I don't expect you will play by those rules, so I am telling you in advance that I know your next post will insult me for not allowing your free speech. Well, I let my readers speak, and I'm listening to the overwhelming majority.
30 January, 2007 23:25
Jay said...
The question is not should you ban him, but why haven't you banned him? Don't give this guy a forum, the world doesn't need his hate.
31 January, 2007 02:17
chooseDoubt said...
If you really think he needs this outlet so much that he may do himself harm if you ban him then I say ban him and encourage him to do himself harm. If this unstable moron needs to vent then let him vent his wrists. One less hate filled irrational idiot with a vote is good for everybody.Bye Ricky - start here:
31 January, 2007 03:38
Gary McGath said...
Since he has now given me the opportunity, I can say that I'm treating him the same way.
31 January, 2007 08:08
BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Jay, I'm sticking to my new rules now. I think that is the right thing to do. CD, LOL.Gary and Stardust, I'm sorry the Rickey virus spread. The best way to get rid of him is completely ignore him, I realize that now, but I will stick to my new rules.
31 January, 2007 08:55

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I thank you for your thoughts and input. He is really quite a joke and probably a jew in name only since he freely admits that none of the kids had any jew school training, practised judaism per se and all of them married outside of the species, thus violating one of the most sacred tenets of judaism in regard to intermarriage and assimilation. He is a *jew* when it's convenient or serves the purpose at hand. He says the shitty little country is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why should he give a shit since he doesn't practise any of the basic principles of judaism? His Dad looks like he came right out of the Sudan and he says his Mom is a Lithuanian jew. I think he is a jew only in the most vague definition. He is really a strange duck and I feel more than a little whacked. He is sterile and his goy wife is barren. He is too selfish to have kids anyway. He rarely leaves the house and does not drive at age 47. He takes great pride in posting photos of himself. I can't figure why since he is one of the most unattractive persons around looking somewhat like Rob Reiner. Today he has dedicated a whole blog page to attacking me and I wouldn't be surprised if he blocked my comments although he said he would only do that if the post was a copy and paste. But, I look for him to cave into his little circle of jewish foreskins and their bootlickers. He is a phoney, fraud, charlatan and a hypocrite. Most of his posts are copy and paste jobs and what he does write on his own is rife with errors in grammar and punctuation.


Sunday, January 28, 2007


Better be looking over your shoulder you turd.

Saturday, January 27, 2007



Colorado CongressmanJohn SalazarIntroduces Stolen Valor Act of 2005

July 22, 2005

Salazar Introduces “Stolen Valor Act” to Penalize Medal Frauds

WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman John T. Salazar (CO-3), the only veteran from the Colorado delegation, today announced the introduction of the “Stolen Valor Act”, legislation to penalize distributors of phony medals and those who fraudulently claim to be decorated veterans. Salazar’s legislation would place criminal penalties on those who falsely claim to have risked their lives for our country, restoring honor to those who have truly earned it.
“Medals recognize the best American qualities – courage, honor, and sacrifice,” said Salazar. “These honors are reserved for those who willingly risked their lives for our country. The Medal of Honor is our nation’s highest military honor. And the Purple Heart is only awarded for genuine acts of courage. It is our job to protect the honor and integrity of our veterans, to make sure the memory of their heroism is not tarnished.”
B.G. Burkett’s award winning book “Stolen Valor” first exposed the problem of medals fraud. Current law only allows prosecution of imposters who wear an unearned Medal of Honor on their person. Salazar’s legislation will expand the law to include those who publicly claim to be decorated veterans, allowing the Federal Bureau of Investigation to finally prosecute several high profile cases (see attached profiles.)
“Shame on those who claim credit for acts of courage they did not commit, their lies are criminal” said Salazar. “Medal recipients are often too humble to parade their honors. By letting the phonies continue their masquerade, we diminish the honor of our true heroes. Federal law enforcement agents are willing to go after these frauds, Congress needs to provide the tools necessary to get the job done.”
Salazar’s legislation is the direct result of the efforts of Pam and Doug Sterner of Pueblo and Medal of Honor recipient Peter Lemon of Colorado Springs. The city of Pueblo in Salazar’s congressional district was designated “America’s Home of Heroes” by Congress, because it is home to more Medal of Honor recipients than elsewhere in the country.
Judge Michael O'Brien, Illinois
Illinois District Judge Michael O’Brien displayed two Medals of Honor in a frame on the wall of his courtroom. Everyone in his city believed their judge was not only an honorable man of the judicial profession, but one of America ’s greatest heroes.
O’Brien’s fraud was discovered when he tried to apply for Medal of Honor license plates for his vehicle. Illinois provides valid Medal of Honor recipients with distinctive license plates for their personal vehicles. When Judge O’Brien applied for his Medal of Honor plates for himself, someone at the Department of Motor Vehicles happened to contact a true recipient and learned O’Brien was a fraud.
O’Brien’s lies were subsequently exposed but he avoided prosecution. While it is against the law to manufacture, wear, buy, sell, or trade the Medal of Honor, it is not a criminal offense to possess one or display it on your wall.
“We couldn’t prosecute O’Brien under federal law because he wasn’t actually wearing the Medal, which is illegal for an impostor to do,” explains FBI agent Tom Cottone.
Lawrence Hammer, Florida
Lawrence Hammer claims to be a former Navy Seal who won the Medal of Honor for being shot twice in Vietnam . Not only did he use his claims and falsified records to gain employment and health care, he went on to con $45,000 from a widow he met at the Bay Pines VA Medical Center.
In the words of the widow:
“I am a VA employee at Bay Pines VA Medical Center, Bay Pines. Mr. Hammer was a patient and a CWT worker at this hospital when I met him. I was widowed 3/3/01 and Mike knew about the time I spent taking care of my husband before he died… he took me for over $45,000…
“I have since had contact with a Susan in Savannah who told me he did exactly the same thing to her. He also did this to a woman in South Carolina named Krissy, who had his arrested for domestic violence, she was beaten and choked by this man… he told me and many people here at the VA that he was trained to kill in the Seals and had already killed a man who molested his daughter, but according to his father, he’s never been married or had kids. This man is a predator and I want to see him exposed before any more women are taken in by him.”
Hammer falsified records claiming to be a decorated veteran and used that status to con the government and unsuspecting women – but he cannot be prosecuted because he did not display medals on his person.
Gilbert Velasquez (AZ)
In 2004, a small paper in Arizona ran a two-full-page story of local "hero" Gilbert Velasquez, who claimed to have participated in the “Blackhawk Down” mission and the capture of Saddam Hussein.
The article featured a front-page photo with Velasquez holding multiple awards including TWO Silver Stars, Legion of Merit, Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts. Despite holding the photo of these medals he claims or telling a reporter his DSC was buried with his godfather—and despite gut-wrenching "war stories" of combat, lost buddies, and personal heroics – this man cannot be prosecuted under current law.