Friday, February 9, 2007



by: bacon_the_sage (45/M/Ontario) 03/13/06 05:23 pmMsg: 2448125 of 2448156 2 recommendations Some POS Arab got my baconeating_atheistjew ID pulled.
Whatever happened to free fucking speech??????

>Pusgut's dad was not really a jew but a blacker than the ace of spades kaffir Arab.
Pusgut turned out surprisingly light-complected given that his dad looked like walking pitch.
pusgut celebrates purimby: pusgut_son_of_an_arab (58/Pizza Hut) 03/13/06 05:49 pmMsg: 2448163 of 2448164 2 recommendations by dressing up as the goodyear blimp and eating discarded pepperoni pizza from the dumpster outside the thunder bay dominos.
Re: WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/24/06 12:23 pmMsg: 2474954 of 2474955 Asked about Pusgut, the localConservative rabbi, Saul Shmuelson, replied: "Our shul has tried repeatedly to welcome Pusgut intothe observant community. The only time we have seen him here was last Purim, when Pusgut camedressed as Colonel Sanders and tried to trick-or-treat at the shul...uh...I suspect that Pusgutis ashamed of his father, who I understand was a boyhood friend of Saddam Hussein's before emigrating to Canada in the 1940s."
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WINOby: tokin_hymie_shyster 03/17/06 11:45 amMsg: 2459799 of 2459803 Re: ? Israel is a pain in the assby: j_d_mac_vieau (F/Grace Brothers Department St) 03/11/06 07:37 pmMsg: 6183 of 6664
I just looked at the message board and baconeating_atheistjew is there. He's the biggest jerk-off I have ever met.
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Warning to Oinkby: beaj666 (45/M/Ontario) 03/17/06 04:06 pmMsg: 2460491 of 2460517 4 recommendations Knock it off with the cut and pastes on my blog, or your IP gets broadcasted.
Subj: OINK YOU LITTLE RETARDED PAKI MUSLIMBy: beaj666Date: 09/eon pm
Watch your back from now on.
Re: Sammy takes a lickingby: rev_deacon (59/M/S. ohio) 09/14/06 03:37 pmMsg: 2873144 of 2873172 1 recommendation Bacon's blog shows oinks IP address as Minneapolis, Minn.
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Recommend this Post Ignore this User Email this Posting Report Abuse Re: Oinkby: tax_dik 03/19/06 01:07 pmMsg: 2463770 of 2465252 2 recommendations Unlike you, I work for a living and don't have to plagiarize or steal from others like you.
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pusgut is a jew when it's convenientby: bacon_the_slug (46/Ontario, PussyCanada) 08/12/06 09:05 amMsg: 2868495 of 2868495 otherwise he uses the guise of atheism to be able to pick and choose a la carte judaism and post on the sabbath. He turned his back on his race, religion and family to commit the unpardonable sin of intermarriage and assimilation. He couldn't find a nice jewish girl so he found a chain smoking goy bleach bottle blonde bimbo that hooked up with him. At least they have no kids.

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