Sunday, January 28, 2007


Better be looking over your shoulder you turd.


Mark Cote said...

hey rickey, why do you not allow comments? You are a little man with nothing to say. If I wasn't so fucking rich that I could afford to sit here all day and peruse your bullshit, I would'nt even bother with you but I'm adventursome. So you are threatening violence? why, what does that contribute? I know you won't post this because deep in your heart you are afraid of everything. Bitch-boy. I'll bet you get scared when you go to the 7-11, cause you have nothing to contribute, you say you like to fight but you know you can't. But yet you tell people watch over your back?

Why don't you do this, get a blog that has you set up as a unidentifiable person, use a stupid picture of Hitler as your photo, and sit home and chuckle about how you've been a complete dick while you jack off into a sock thinking about the young David Hasselhoff.

Oh crap I forgot, you've already done that.

I'll bet your short.

Mark Cote said...

Damn, you're letting comments through! Ok, good for you. I must be the first. Ok, here's a addition to my earlier post, you are a cunt. That's right I don't have to adhere to whatever religious belief you have, apparently you don't either.

Come fuck with me short man.
I'll bet you have a small penis.
I've got some art about you in the shute. Bitch boy.

Rickey said...

mark kotex:

go back to hebrew school and take the ESL classes again. Your grammar and spelling suck, just like your mom, hymie. You are sexually inadequate and buy your clothes in the boy's department.

Mark Cote said...

C'mon dude give a little, let us in on what you're about a bit more than the ESL or whatever that is. And we all know you don't care much for spelling and grammar. If you really hate the Jews tell us why? Douche.

Rickey said...

Judging from your writing and grammar style, I would say you never graduated from high school especially since you don't know what ESL means: English as a Second Language, which most shmos like you take in hebrew school. Why don't you post your photo? Jackass.