Wednesday, January 31, 2007


BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Ok, I let Rickey have his last shot since I got sucked in thinking that he would really post a photo of himself and not realizing that the photo was in fact Tom Cruise.But I'm laying down NEW RULES Oink. Only on topic comments will be permitted from you from now on, and you can't insult any of the posters can insult anyone in the body of the post though as long as you back it up with something substantial.I don't expect you will play by those rules, so I am telling you in advance that I know your next post will insult me for not allowing your free speech. Well, I let my readers speak, and I'm listening to the overwhelming majority.
30 January, 2007 23:25
Jay said...
The question is not should you ban him, but why haven't you banned him? Don't give this guy a forum, the world doesn't need his hate.
31 January, 2007 02:17
chooseDoubt said...
If you really think he needs this outlet so much that he may do himself harm if you ban him then I say ban him and encourage him to do himself harm. If this unstable moron needs to vent then let him vent his wrists. One less hate filled irrational idiot with a vote is good for everybody.Bye Ricky - start here:
31 January, 2007 03:38
Gary McGath said...
Since he has now given me the opportunity, I can say that I'm treating him the same way.
31 January, 2007 08:08
BaconEating AtheistJew said...
Jay, I'm sticking to my new rules now. I think that is the right thing to do. CD, LOL.Gary and Stardust, I'm sorry the Rickey virus spread. The best way to get rid of him is completely ignore him, I realize that now, but I will stick to my new rules.
31 January, 2007 08:55

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