Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I thank you for your thoughts and input. He is really quite a joke and probably a jew in name only since he freely admits that none of the kids had any jew school training, practised judaism per se and all of them married outside of the species, thus violating one of the most sacred tenets of judaism in regard to intermarriage and assimilation. He is a *jew* when it's convenient or serves the purpose at hand. He says the shitty little country is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Why should he give a shit since he doesn't practise any of the basic principles of judaism? His Dad looks like he came right out of the Sudan and he says his Mom is a Lithuanian jew. I think he is a jew only in the most vague definition. He is really a strange duck and I feel more than a little whacked. He is sterile and his goy wife is barren. He is too selfish to have kids anyway. He rarely leaves the house and does not drive at age 47. He takes great pride in posting photos of himself. I can't figure why since he is one of the most unattractive persons around looking somewhat like Rob Reiner. Today he has dedicated a whole blog page to attacking me and I wouldn't be surprised if he blocked my comments although he said he would only do that if the post was a copy and paste. But, I look for him to cave into his little circle of jewish foreskins and their bootlickers. He is a phoney, fraud, charlatan and a hypocrite. Most of his posts are copy and paste jobs and what he does write on his own is rife with errors in grammar and punctuation.


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