Saturday, March 31, 2007


BEAJ said...
Wow, another Jooo paranoid assmonkey has a conspiracy blog.I like the stat that illegal immigrants have murdered more Americans in the US than there have been soldiers dying in Iraq fighting the cancer of Islam in the same period.Oh, and the background sound crap is totally annoying on your idiot blog.Boo, there is an Israeli under you bed. LMAOAY
31 March 2007 14:10
The Sentinel said...
I suppose this is the sort of inane crap I have become used to from idiots like this without any real conviction or intelligence. Despite the wealth of information contained within this blog- all referenced credible sources- the best this (self-professed) "atheist" Jew can come up with is a couple of low level insults.That he cannot even work out that it is not background noise playing but a video at the bottom of the blog- despite being informed at the top right of the blog and the very bottom of each article- is completely unsurprising and sums up the ineptitude and idiocy of this member of the "chosen race."The amusing part is that he calls me paranoid but seeks me out to insult me; and, typically, whilst this Jew uses the freedom provided on this blog to do so, he will not allow the same freedom on his own.Besides, if you watch just the Fox News video you will see that it is not paranoia at all, and never has been.
31 March 2007 14:37
BEAJ said...
Yes, I've seen mentally ill people's web sites all over the internet.Those who claim the earth is young with well document sources.Those who say evolution is crap with all sorts of documented sources.And Jooo paranoid imbeciles like you with their retarded fantasies.LMAOAY retard.
31 March 2007 15:43
The Sentinel said...
As I have said, you have nothing to say beyond insults.(The mental illness scam is a Jewish favourite.)What else could you say given the evidence?And as I have said, you like to use the freedom I provide on my blog to insult me whilst hiding behind censorship on yours to avoid any expressions of disagreement.That sums you and your ilk up- hypocritical, fear mongering totalitarians afraid of any dissent and completely unprepared to allow it.Have you figured out how to pause the video (not background noise) at the bottom of the blog yet?
31 March 2007 16:53

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