Saturday, March 31, 2007


"March 30, 2007

Mammals Didn't Branch Out As Soon As Dinosaurs Perished: So What?
Yeah, I know this sounds like a victory for creationists because if science is wrong about one thing, then all science is wrong. Just like the bible would be wrong if Pi wasn't 3.It now looks like mammals branched out a little 65 million years ago, but waited another 10-15 million years to really diversify.Science assumed that mammals evolved as soon as dinosaurs perished. This was based on the facts that mammals did branch out after the dinosaurs perished, and dinosaurs weren't around to stop the mammals from evolving. However, evolution usually only happens when it is needed to happen, so that species can increase their chance of survival."

Straight from Pusgut's compendium of plagiarised feces.

He needs a job, driver's licence and to leave the house once in awhile. He is a fat, pathetic, slovenly nutjob.

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