Thursday, March 15, 2007


All the hypocrite has to do now is deal with his racism.

"I could never be a member of the ACLU because I believe in racial profiling and I think governments should have extra priviledge when it comes to tapping phones of terrorist suspects and things like that. But I can't support the Stop The ACLU crowd either, because they are for the most part, a bunch of Godidiots who wouldn't know separation of church and state if it bit them in the ass. They are almost as theocratic in belief as the rulers of Saudi Arabia, but they are too stupid to realize it.Today's bashing of gay bashers started here at Developing Your Web Presence, where Amy Proctor called my handle "sickening." I decided to pay her blog, Bottom Line Up Front a visit, where I proceded to make minced meat out of her Godidiot homophobic followers. That took me to the Stop the ACLU Fundretard site. Oh, looks like my last comment got deleted. Luckily cocomment saved it for me. Praise cocomment:Lobo, sure Wikipedia is criticized, but if you check out the links from their page, you will see they link to actual scientific studies. And I said that modern science tends to believe that most homosexuals are created during fetal development. Your cut and paste is juvenile at best.Homosexuality is not immoral, because most homosexuals are born that way, and they aren't hurting anyone with their actions, if protection and proper precautions are taken. And it is between 2 (or more in some cases) willing people."

It makes you wonder if he surfs gay porn sites while his goy bimbo wife works to pay the bills.

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